Cannabis Reviews – Burnt Toast #4 by Rythm/GTI

Do You Smell Something? That’s Just My Burnt Toast! Review of Burnt Toast #4 by Rythm/GTI The other day, I went to Oceanside dispensary in Pasadena, MD, and saw that they had a new strain by Rythm: Burnt Toast #4. With a name like that, I had to try it; especially because it was onContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Burnt Toast #4 by Rythm/GTI”

Cannabis Reviews – Horchata by Avenue Flower Company

For a Hot Summer Day – Have Some of This Frosty Horchata Strain! Review of Horchata by Avenue Flower Company In June of 2021, I saw my first advertisement for Avenue Flower in Leaf magazine. The layout of the full-page advertisement pictured a city street with a suspension bridge like the Golden Gate bridge. AfterContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Horchata by Avenue Flower Company”

Cannabis Reviews – Papayas and Bananas

A Tropical Fruity Indica Delight Review of Papayas and Bananas by Strane-Holistic Industries The cultivar’s name says it all with this one. Papayas & Bananas is an Indica cannabis strain cultivated by Strane and Holistic Industries. I was blown away when I opened the container and it actually smelled like fresh papayas and bananas. IContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Papayas and Bananas”

Cannabis Reviews – Ice Cream Cake

A Sugary-Sweet Indica Treat! Review of Ice Cream Cake by Evermore Cannabis It was the fourth of July; I had to treat myself to some Ice Cream Cake. When I saw that Oceanside dispensary had this legendary strain by Evermore Cannabis for only $50 (3.5g); I was on it! In the past, I’d tried someContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Ice Cream Cake”

Cannabis Reviews – Northern Lights

See the Northern Lights; in Maryland! Review of Northern Lights by Curio Wellness As one of the most well-known classic Indica strains available; Northern Lights is a perfect strain getting rid of pain, stress, and a lack of appetite. I’ve had many different batches of Northern Lights over the years, but Curio Wellness definitely didContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Northern Lights”

Cannabis Reviews – Garcia Hand Picked Flower

Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead’s Legacy Now Features a Cannabis Brand! Review of Garcia Hand Picked Flower – Maryland Cannabis Strains When I read an article on leafly in April 2021 that said Jerry Garcia’s family had partnered with Holistic Industries to produce cannabis; I was floored with excitement! I was never a hugeContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Garcia Hand Picked Flower”

Cannabis Reviews – Bay Glue

Glued to the Dock of the Bay Review of ‘Bay Glue’ by Rythm/GTI This is one strain that took me by surprise! When I heard that Oceanside dispensary had this in stock, I had to get my hands on it. Like most premium flower cultivated by Rythm, 3.5 grams of Bay Glue will set youContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Bay Glue”

Cannabis Review – Rapper’s Delight

When God Gives You Lemons, You Don’t Always Get A Sativa. Review of Rapper’s Delight by Cookies/Lemonnade So, after I recently tried London Pound Cake 75′ by Cookies I wanted to try something from their sister company; Lemonnade. They are said to be the ‘Sativa Sister’ of Cookies brand Cannabis of California. Just as withContinue reading “Cannabis Review – Rapper’s Delight”

Cannabis Reviews – Forum Cookies x Alien Dog Cherry

Way More Than Just Alien Technology! A Review of ‘Forum Cookies x Alien Dog Cherry’ by Grow West So, first and foremost let’s start by abbreviating ‘Forum Cookies x Alien Dog Cherry’ to ‘FCxADC’. Grow West really went all out with this Sativa Dominant strain! According to their website and to, FCxADC has anContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Forum Cookies x Alien Dog Cherry”

Cannabis Review – London Pound Cake 75

Cannabis So Striking – Even The Queen Would Approve! Review of ‘London Pound Cake 75’ by Cookies The second I saw that Gold Leaf of Annapolis had something to offer by Cookies brand; I couldn’t put my online order in fast enough! It was the strain ‘London Pound Cake 75’ (LpC75) and it was limitedContinue reading “Cannabis Review – London Pound Cake 75”

Cannabis Reviews – Banana Treez

That’s One Fuzzy Banana Bud! Review of ‘Banana Treez’ by Rythm/GTI of Maryland I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the grocery store and look at bananas anymore without thinking about ‘Banana Treez’ by Rythm/GTI. I had first heard about GTI growing this strain in March 2021 and had been trying to findContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Banana Treez”

Cannabis Reviews – Cookie Face

Turn That Frown Into A Cookie Face! Review of ‘Cookie Face’ by Rythm/GTI of Maryland The name says it all -Cookie Face is an amazing Indica dominant strain that has been created by combining the infamous ‘Do-Si-Dos’ and ‘GSC’. When Rythm/GTI cultivated this flower; it is clear that it was done with a great amountContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Cookie Face”

Cannabis Reviews – Blue Magoo

When Your Momma is a Blueberry & Your Papa is William’s Wonder! Review of ‘Blue Magoo’ by Grow West If you’ve read anything else I’ve written; you know that Grow West is one of my favorite Maryland cannabis brands. The amount of care and love shown to their products is exceptional and obvious! Most ofContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Blue Magoo”

Cannabis Reviews – MK Ultra

Welcome to MK Ultra – A Mind Melting Indica Review of ‘MK Ultra’ by Curio When I think of MK Ultra, I always imagine crazy mad doctors; administering acid and other crazy hallucinogens’ to un-willing subjects. I’m sure that during that C.I.A. program, they tried experimenting with cannabis; and this honestly might be the strainContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – MK Ultra”

Cannabis Reviews – Kush Mountains

A Relaxing Climb Up Kush Mountains Review of ‘Kush Mountains’ by Rythm/GTI Whenever I see a strain by Rythm that I’ve never had, I get all excited; like it’s the first time I’ve ever smoked! Rythm has a reputation for excellence and their new strain, “Kush Mountains” is a prime example! Testing at 28.77% THCaContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Kush Mountains”

Cannabis Reviews – Dark Star Tangie

Welcome To The Dark Star – Now with Tangie! Review of ‘Dark-Star-Tangie’ by Curio So Curio Wellness of Maryland has done it once again; cultivated pure magic! Dark Star Tangie (DST) is one seriously sedating, super skunky Indica!! This year, for 4/20, I treated myself to an 1/8oz of DST while it was on saleContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Dark Star Tangie”

Cannabis Reviews – Black Afghan

The Best Indica I’ve Ever Had ‘Black Afghan’ by Rythm/GTI of Maryland The first time I tried Black Afghan, I knew it was going to be a hard one to beat and I knew it was going to be my go to Indica! I’ve had many different batches of this amazing flower from Rythm andContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Black Afghan”

Top Maryland Cannabis Brands

Best Cannabis Brands in Maryland The first time I smoked cannabis from a dispensary, I was beyond disappointed! I had literally just left my doctor’s office after getting my certification; I went to Ritual dispensary and bought some flower by Harvest of Maryland. I got a gram of ‘white cream’, a gram of ‘grape kush’Continue reading “Top Maryland Cannabis Brands”

Cannabis Reviews – Chem 4 OG x The White

Best Sativa Strain by Grow West of MD Review of Chem 4 OG x TW by Grow West of Maryland One of my favorite medical cannabis brands has become Grow West of Maryland! I shop primarily at Ritual dispensary in Curtis Bay, where an 1/8th by Grow West is only $45! It’s usually labeled asContinue reading “Cannabis Reviews – Chem 4 OG x The White”