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Blue Magoo by Grow West

When Your Momma is a Blueberry & Your Papa is William’s Wonder!

Review of ‘Blue Magoo’ by Grow West

If you’ve read anything else I’ve written; you know that Grow West is one of my favorite Maryland cannabis brands. The amount of care and love shown to their products is exceptional and obvious! Most of the flower I purchase from Grow West is labeled ‘untrimmed’; but there usually isn’t much that (in my opinion) needs to be trimmed off of the buds. I prefer the untrimmed flower by Grow West because I actually enjoy getting out my trimming shears and shaping the buds just how I want them for photographs; and besides that – it all smokes just the same!

I finally managed to find the infamous ‘Blue Magoo’ strain the other day at Ritual dispensary. It was grown by Grow West; who definitely did an amazing job cultivating this wonderfully powerful Indica! While writing this review, I found out that Blue Magoo is a ‘clone only’ strain. This is when a plant has such unique characteristics and qualities or seeds for it are not available; so the only way to share it with others is by cloning the plant.

The parents of Blue Magoo are traditionally listed as ‘Blueberry’ and ‘William’s Wonder’ – two very potent Indica strains. Many growers have used a variety of different parent plants to produce this strain and many other hybrid strains. Grow West has one of the parents of Blue Magoo listed as ‘Major League Bud’ -aka William’s Wonder – which has been said to be one of the most potent and legendary Afghan-Indica strains in the world (according to

With this batch of Blue Magoo by Grow West testing at 19.71% THCa and a whopping 2.27% total terpenes; it is most definitely a deeply relaxing and unique Indica.

“It will leave you hungry, happy, mellow and squinting your eyes like that Mr. Magoo fellow!” – Adam M.

Terpene Profile

This batch of Blue Magoo is heavily dominant in Myrcene. Testing at 1.03%; it has some very strong sedative properties and a very earthy flavor. The next most dominant terpene is alpha-Pinene at .32%; followed by Caryophyllene and Limonene – both tied at .26%. This makes for a very interesting earthy-pepper-pine flavor and some intense Indica effects. The high Myrcene and Caryophyllene content totally overpower any Sativa type of effects from the other terpenes.

It’s also worth noting that the Ocimene content tested at .20%; which can act as an expectorant and make you cough quite a bit. On the other hand; Ocimene is known to interact and enhance the sedative properties of Myrcene. Combined with Pinene, Ocimene is known to help clear the airways and lessen inflammation in the bronchial tubes to actually promote easier breathing. The combination of alpha-Pinene and Ocimene in this strain would theoretically be great for someone with asthma (but definitely consult a doctor first!)

Slide Show of ‘Blue Magoo’


With an unbelievable terpene content of 2.27% (1.03% Myrcene) and 19.71% THCa; this is one seriously potent Indica! As far as the aroma and flavors are concerned; it has a very earthy-piney flavor with undertones of pepper and a slight hint of fruit (almost like a earthy-peppery blueberry). I’ve honestly had better tasting flower; but with the medicinal effects from it being so extremely beneficial; for me, the taste doesn’t really matter as much in this case

Almost immediately after smoking a .5 gram cone of Blue Magoo, I felt incredibly relaxed; more relaxed than if I had taken a prescription anti-anxiety medication. It not only improved my mood, but it also increased my appetite quite a bit; and after a couple hours – it put me right to sleep. I have pretty bad insomnia and nightmares from a lot of trauma in my life and cannabis is my go-to for relief. Blue Magoo is one of the best strains I have found to help me relax and sleep peacefully throughout the night. I’d give this strain a 10/10 for medicinal effects and a 7/10 for flavor.

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