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Welcome to MK Ultra – A Mind Melting Indica

Review of ‘MK Ultra’ by Curio

When I think of MK Ultra, I always imagine crazy mad doctors; administering acid and other crazy hallucinogens’ to un-willing subjects. I’m sure that during that C.I.A. program, they tried experimenting with cannabis; and this honestly might be the strain they tried out! Only ten minutes after smoking a .5 gram cone of this; I was in a whole other dimension!

This is one super strong Indica; with THCa levels at 28.8% and total terpenes at 1.6%; it is not for those with a low tolerance. Not only are the cannabinoids through the roof; so are the terpenes! Curio Wellness definitely went all out with this one!

Terpene Profile

With Myrcene levels at .77%, MK Ultra will most likely lock you to the couch; if not make you fall asleep! The .42% Limonene adds a nice lemon-citrus flavor but doesn’t seem to counteract any of the heavy Myrcene effects. A slight peppery flavor comes from the Caryophyllene at .16%, but other than that, there aren’t many other terpenes in significant amounts. Linalool and Humulene are tied at .06% and b-Pinene comes in right behind them at .05%.

Slide Show Of MK Ultra


All in all, I’d give this strain an 8/10. The taste could be a little better but it wasn’t terrible. The effects on the other hand are very intense! If you have a full day planned; don’t smoke MK Ultra – you will be in bed!!!

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