Maryland Home Grow Consulting and Supplies

Get Ready to Grow Cannabis in Maryland!

*For Adults 21+*

Home Cultivation Consulting, Grow Space Design, Equipment Selection/Setup, Grower Mentorship from Seed to Harvest, Cannabis Education, and MUCH MORE!

Want to Know Exactly What’s In Your Cannabis From Seed to Harvest?

Ever Been Disappointed with the Quality of Commercial Cannabis?

Do You Want to Grow Your Favorite Cannabis Cultivars at Home?


We’ll Help Guide You From Seed to Harvest!

  • 100% OMRI Organic Soil - Designed For Cannabis!
  • learn-how-to-grow-cannabis-in-Maryland
  • maryland-home-grown-cannabis-consulting
  • learn-how-to-grow-cannabis-in-Maryland
  • maryland-home-grown-cannabis-consulting
  • Maryland-cannabis-grower-mentorship
  • Maryland-cannabis-grower-mentorship
  • Maryland-cannabis-grower-mentorship
  • learn-how-to-grow-cannabis-in-Maryland

Let’s Grow Maryland!

If you’re new to growing cannabis, you only need a few essential items and a little bit of guidance – That’s where we come in!

Our goal is for you to ENJOY growing your own cannabis, so – after many years of research and horticulture experience, we’ve sourced some of the BEST cannabis genetics, organic soils, LED grow lights, indoor grow tents, cannabis-specific nutrients, and much more!

Help Military Veterans & MD Cannabis Patients GROW FOR FREE!*

We Offer Home Cultivation Consulting at LITTLE TO NO COST to Maryland Cannabis Patients and Military Veterans.

*We accept DONATIONS for our home cultivation consulting services – and 50% of the donations we receive go toward supplying Maryland cannabis patients and military veterans with FREE/LOW-COST equipment to grow their own cannabis.*


The Keys to Growing HIGH-GRADE Cannabis at Home


It’s essential to obtain your cannabis seeds from reputable breeders and sources – Especially if you want the BEST quality buds and BIG harvests!


From preparing your growing area to controlling the humidity, temperature, daily light integral, IPM, and more – We’ll help you dial in your growing environment!

Growing Medium

Potting mixes, soil, coco-choir, and more – Cannabis can grow in just about anything, but we’ve sourced some of the BEST 100% Organic Soil designed for growing cannabis!

“Becoming a cannabis patient helped me heal my mind and body, but growing cannabis helped me heal my soul – It was life changing!”

“I want to guide and mentor the other cannabis patients in Maryland – So they can FINALLY start growing their own cannabis at home.”

Adam – Founder of Let’s Enjoy Cannabis

Maryland Home-Grown Cannabis Is FINALLY Here!

In November 2022, Maryland residents voted to legalize recreational cannabis and home cultivation. The new law, which goes into effect in July 2023, allows for the legal cultivation of two plants per adult over 21, and they can’t be in any kind of public view.

Between the climate in Maryland and the two-plant limit, growing cannabis indoors is going to be the way to grow – as it gives you total control over the environment and gives you the ability to have multiple harvests a year – We’ll teach you a “perpetual harvest” method of cannabis cultivation!

We Make Growing Your Own Cannabis in Maryland Easy and Enjoyable!

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