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A Relaxing Climb Up Kush Mountains

Review of ‘Kush Mountains’ by Rythm/GTI

Whenever I see a strain by Rythm that I’ve never had, I get all excited; like it’s the first time I’ve ever smoked! Rythm has a reputation for excellence and their new strain, “Kush Mountains” is a prime example! Testing at 28.77% THCa and a total terpene content of 2.37%; this heavy-hitting Indica dominant flower will float your body all the way to the top of Kush Mountains!

Terpene Profile

Kush Mountains is a very strong Indica-Dominant hybrid strain. It’s most dominant terpene is Myrcene; testing at .96%. This gives it a strong sweet-earthy flavor and calming effects. Second in this terpene tango line is Limonene. Testing at .70%; this adds a very nice citrus-lemon taste and aroma as well as some lightly uplifting effects. Caryophyllene comes in third, testing at .31%; which adds in a very slight peppery-sweet diesel taste and adds to the anti-anxiety effects of the flower. Making it even more Indica-leaning is Linalool at .16% (found also in lavender and is a well known sedative). The other terpenes found in Kush Mountains are: Pinene (.13%), Humulene (.10%), and Terpinolene (.01%).

Slideshow of Kush Mountains


The combination of the Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Linalool make this strain a strong Indica. With the addition of Limonene, Pinene and Humulene; this strain goes from an Indica to a Indica-Dominant Hybrid. It has just enough ‘Sativa-type’ terpenes for it to be slightly uplifting but still very relaxing.

If you need an Indica, but don’t want it to completely knock you out; this is a strain for you!

If you like strains that have a ‘earthy-citrus-diesel’ flavor and aroma; this is a strain for you!

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