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Way More Than Just Alien Technology!

A Review of ‘Forum Cookies x Alien Dog Cherry’ by Grow West

So, first and foremost let’s start by abbreviating ‘Forum Cookies x Alien Dog Cherry’ to ‘FCxADC’. Grow West really went all out with this Sativa Dominant strain! According to their website and to, FCxADC has an incredibly complex and lengthy lineage. Here it goes . . .

“Forum Cookies x Aliendog Cherry is a sativa leaning hybrid with a spicy, citrus aroma. Its lineage includes the following crosses: Girl Durban Poison x Kush, Chemdawg x Alien Technology, and Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison” –

When I first saw it through the package at Ritual dispensary, I was a bit hesitant because of the amount of leafy-untrimmed material on the buds. It was however labeled ‘untrimmed’ and it was only $45 (3.5 grams); plus -it tested at a whopping 34.06% THCa and 1.44% terpenes- So I went for it!

Once I got home, my usual ‘ritual’ ensued. I sat in my office and started thoroughly inspecting my medicine. Then I trimmed it and tried it out. This definitely had a very ‘dank-musky’ kind of smell to it; almost ‘cheese’ like.

The first few puffs from a .5 gram cone had a very ‘earthy-mushroom-spicy’ taste; “Alien Dog S###” -in my wife’s words. The flavor did actually improve, but it was far more ‘spicy’ than ‘fruity’ or ‘citrusy’. Fortunately, the 34.06% THCa combined with the .50% Limonene and .16% Humulene provided a very nice Sativa effect.

Terpene Profile

After the first couple of puffs, the fresh taste of citrus started to come through the heavy ‘earthy’ taste -just a little bit. Even though the most dominant terpene is Limonene (.50%), the ‘spicy-earthy’ flavor of the Caryophyllene (.48%) really dominates the taste of FCxADC.

To make this strain even more ‘musky-earthy-funky’ is the third and fourth most dominant terpenes. Humulene (.18%) and Myrcene (.12%) are both terpenes that will add a very ‘earthy’ or ‘hoppy-like’ flavor to cannabis -and they do just that!

The amounts of Caryophyllene and Myrcene are no match for the more Sativa like terpenes in this strain like Limonene, Humulene and Pinene (alpha and beta); which is testing at .10%. This combination makes FCxADC a very funky tasting Sativa with very smooth Sativa effects that won’t leave you too wired.

Slide Show of ‘FCxADC’ by Grow West

  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle


If you like super funky Sativa strains that are a lot more than just ‘Alien Technology’ -Then ‘Forum Cookies x Alien Dog Cherry’ is a good one for you! It left me super creative and ready to accomplish anything for the majority of my day.

Personally, I like less ‘funky’ tasting strains and definitely prefer less leaves, but all in all; I’d give this strain a 8/10 for medicinal effect and a 6/10 for taste. – Try it out for yourself from a dispensary near you and let me know what you think!

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