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Welcome To The Dark Star – Now with Tangie!

Review of ‘Dark-Star-Tangie’ by Curio

So Curio Wellness of Maryland has done it once again; cultivated pure magic! Dark Star Tangie (DST) is one seriously sedating, super skunky Indica!! This year, for 4/20, I treated myself to an 1/8oz of DST while it was on sale at Ritual dispensary for only $48 (normally $60). A few months ago, I had a strain very similar to DST. It was called: ‘DSCT’ – (Dark-Star-Chemdog-Tangie), which is a little more Sativa leaning than the DST and is considered a Hybrid strain. The DST I’m reviewing today on the other hand is classified as a pure Indica by Curio as well as Ritual. I would say it’s an Indica Dominant Hybrid; probably 80-90% Indica (based on terpene profile). These beautiful buds are very dense and are glistening with trichomes that you can see from a mile away! Between the terpene profile and THCa levels that are at an incredible 27%; this Indica flower by Curio is bound to calm you down!

Terpene Profile

Who needs sleeping pills when Curio Wellness of Maryland has cultivated a “Super-Sleeper-Indica” like DST with Myrcene levels at 1.39%!! With total terpenes testing at 2.55%; DST has a very robust and complex aroma and taste. Ocimene is the 2nd most dominant terpene coming in at .39%. It may not seem like much at .39%, but even in small amounts; Ocimene (when inhaled) acts on the human body as a decongestant/expectorant and has the tendency to make patients cough quite a bit; so you may want to stay away from this strain if you’re trying to avoid coughing.

Complimenting the incredibly high amount of musky-earthy Myrcene is some spicy-peppery Caryophyllene at .33% . The high amount of Myrcene along with the Caryophyllene really seems to cancel out any of the energizing/Sativa-type of effects potentially produced by the Ocimene. The 4th most dominant terpene found in this batch of DST is another ‘Indica-type’ of terpene -Linalool; which at .19%; adds a delicate floral undertone that almost has a slight hint of roses. The Linalool certainly enhances the relaxing/sedating effects of the Myrcene as well as the anti-anxiety properties of the Caryophyllene.

The other terpenes found in this batch of DST are: Humulene at .10%, a-Pinene at .08% and Eudesmol at .07%. With these terpenes not testing in great abundance at all, they do not appear to affect the taste, aroma or the effects of this strain. If anything, the a-Pinene may add just a slight pine-type of taste/aroma, but it’s not very noticeable.

Slideshow of Dark Star Tangie


The THCa level in this batch of DST is absolutely astonishing! At an incredible 27% THCa; this is definitely one of the more potent Indica strains available in Maryland. The high THCa level in conjunction with it’s 4 most dominant terpenes being Myrcene, Ocimene, Caryophyllene and Linalool, make Dark-Star-Tangie an incredibly strong Indica strain that has some powerful relaxing effects.

I give it a 8/10 for taste and a 10/10 for medicinal benefits; it’s amazing for my anxiety and helped me sleep better than any z-quill I’ve ever had. The only thing I don’t like about it is the Ocimene due to the cough factor, but other than that, it’s amazing!

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