Cannabis Reviews – Black Afghan

photo by Adam Merkle

The Best Indica I’ve Ever Had

‘Black Afghan’ by Rythm/GTI of Maryland

The first time I tried Black Afghan, I knew it was going to be a hard one to beat and I knew it was going to be my go to Indica! I’ve had many different batches of this amazing flower from Rythm and it’s parent company; GTI and it has never disappointed! When I can’t sleep or I need a heavy Indica to glue me to a couch; I go straight for Black Afghan!

Terpene Profile

Black Afghan has a very unique terpene profile. Once you smell it once; you can pick out it’s scent like a bloodhound! It’s total terpenes range from 2% to as high as 6%! It is known for being extremely high in myrcene; the “couch-lock” terpene. I’ve had batches that have tested at over 2.56% in myrcene alone! It also (notoriously) has little to no limonene; on lab labels, it’s usually not detectable at all. With a moderate amount of caryophyllene; it adds to the sedative/anti-anxiety effects of the myrcene to put you in an almost trance like state if not asleep. Pinene levels are usually around .60% or so, but any energetic or sativa kind of effects from it tend to be canceled out completely by the insanely high amounts of myrcene.

Cannabinoid Profile

This is not a strain to toy with; it’s a strong Indica that will knock you out if you’re not careful! With THCa levels ranging between 25%-30%; it is one of the strongest Indica flowers available in Maryland. This strain usually has almost zero CBD in it; so you’re sure to get the full psychoactive effects of the THCa. In other words; it’s a one hit wonder!

Slideshow of Black Afghan


Personally; I prefer Indica strains over Sativa. Indica strains help me WAY more than any anti-anxiety or prescription sleep medication I’ve ever tried. I’ve found that certain Indica strains are better for anxiety or pain, where as other Indica’s are better for sleep.

This is an Indica that’s better for sleep and or relaxing. With it’s high myrcene content; it’s best to tread lightly and go slow unless it’s your goal to go to sleep. I have trouble sleeping through the night; but if I have Black Afghan on hand, I’m guaranteed to have a restful, peaceful night’s sleep!

Rythm/GTI of Maryland have done an amazing thing by cultivating this incredible Indica strain! One look at these buds and you can tell they were tended to and cared for to a great length! It’s flavor is spicy yet sweet with a ‘mango-pepper-pine’ kind of taste. It’s truly unique and a must try for anyone who is a lover of top-shelf cannabis Indica!

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