Top Maryland Cannabis Brands

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Best Cannabis Brands in Maryland

The first time I smoked cannabis from a dispensary, I was beyond disappointed! I had literally just left my doctor’s office after getting my certification; I went to Ritual dispensary and bought some flower by Harvest of Maryland. I got a gram of ‘white cream’, a gram of ‘grape kush’ and a gram of ‘honey bananas’ – all by Harvest of Maryland. To say the least, I was not happy. The taste was very mid-grade; it was beyond ‘musky’ and was dry as a bone. I had only paid $12 a gram so I wasn’t too mad, but I HAD to find out what other brands were out there. The best and only way I found to do this was to just start trying all the brands and all the strains I could and keep track of them in a journal. I quickly found out what was what! To sum it up; you most definitely get what you pay for! Flower that is $10 a gram is not going to be as good as flower that’s $20 a gram; of course there are some exceptions. If you’re new to all of this; I’ve made a list for the top 3 Medical cannabis brands in Maryland. If you go with any of these 3 brands, you will not be disappointed!

My Top 3 Maryland Cannabis Brands

1. Rythm/GTI/Dogwalkers

The number one; best of the best on my list is GTI. GTI or Green Thumb Industries; owns and distributes the brands “Rythm” (flower/vapes), “Dogwalkers” (pre-rolled joints), “Incredibles” (edibles), “The Feel Collection” (Tinctures) and more! They have a hand in almost every corner of the cannabis market; you can even buy company stocks! It’s obvious not only from their website but also their products that they are serious about holding themselves to a VERY high standard! They are one brand that I have yet to ever get a product that is sub par quality. Some of the flower that Rythm distributes, produces terpene profiles that are off the charts; with total terpenes at well over 2% in most strains! This; combined with THCa levels at 24% and up; equals some of the skunkiest, potent cannabis flower I’ve ever seen produced! The flavors and the high is always premium with anything by GTI and Rythm! Their branding is top notch as well! Rythm has simplified buying medical cannabis by separating all of their strains into 3 categories: ‘Relax’ (Indica and Indica dominant hybrids), ‘Balance’ (50/50 Indica/Sativa Hybrids) and ‘Energize’ (Sativa and Sativa dominant hybrids). They are all color coded and makes it easy to figure out what strains you like/need. Their ‘Dogwalkers’ line is similarly categorized; ‘Sit’ for Indica’s and ‘Play’ for Sativa’s. All of their ‘mini-dog’ pre-rolls (1.75 grams in 5 pre-rolls), come in a very cool metal tin that comes with a Dogwalkers sticker and the ‘big-dog’ (.75gram) pre-rolls come in a glass tube that’s very re-usable/recyclable! Some dispensaries will sell flower under the GTI parent company name. It’s usually their lower testing (but still amazing quality) flower. With a 1/8oz. selling for anywhere between $45 and $60; GTI and Rythm flower is guaranteed not to break the bank and to always satisfy! Their quality and innovation is constantly improving and their company stocks are gaining; signs of one great company! Read about Black Afghan by Rythm: The best Indica I’ve ever had!

2. Grow West of Maryland

Grow West is a company based in Western Maryland. Similar to GTI; Grow West has categorized their strains by mood as to help you choose what’s best for you (Indica’s are ‘Still’, Sativa’s are ‘Soar’ and Hybrids are ‘Steady’). It’s very obvious by looking at the flower that Grow West produces to see that they take great pride in their growing techniques and their products that they put their name on! Some of the most tri-comb laden, kief producing flower I’ve ever had was from Grow West! Even the flower they produce that has lower percentages is amazing; like ‘Bluniverse’; an Indica that comes in around 19% THCa and 1.2% total terpenes. It’s on the lower end of percentages but it’s a great tasting Indica that will lock you to your couch! I first found Grow West at Ritual dispensary; they had ‘untrimmed’ 1/8oz. for $45! I was skeptical at first because my only other experience with $45 flower was Harvest; and that is some of the most terrible stuff I’ve ever had! I tried a $45 1/8oz. of ‘SW Stomper x Willies Wonder’ and I was hooked! It was skunky, smooth, covered in tri-combs and the few small leaves that made it ‘un-trimmed’ were so covered in crystals that I put them right in my grinder with everything else and had no regrets! The only strain I’ve had by them that I wasn’t fond of was a ‘Mandarin Cookies’ pre-roll that I bought from Goldleaf dispensary in Annapolis, MD. I’m not sure if it was because it was a pre-roll that was rolled by the dispensary or if it was the strain, but it tasted awful. Every other time I’ve had anything by Grow West, it’s been worth writing about! Read about Chem 4 OG x TW: The best Sativa I’ve had by Grow West!

3. Culta

Culta is a Cambridge, MD based Cannabis company. They’ve come a long way since they first opened in 2015 and has some of the best flower in Maryland! They cultivate indoor and outdoor cannabis, make terpene enriched distillate vape cartridges, extracts and more! ‘Do-Si-Dos #22’ is one of their notable Indica flower strains; with THCa near 30% and total terpenes over 2%! As someone who grew up in Maryland, I give major kudos to anyone that is able to cultivate cannabis like that in this state! Even though their outdoor cultivated cannabis is lower testing (15-20% THCa), it is still very high quality and has been obviously cared for and cured with love! The higher testing, indoor strains go for upwards of $65 an 1/8oz. in some dispensaries, but are worth every penny!

Other Note Worthy Brands

Other than the 3 brands above, some other brands I’ve tried multiple times and was happy was: Grassroots, Curio and Verano (certain Strains). I say certain strains because I’m very picky when it comes to my cannabis because I not only need my medicine to work, but I like it to have a good, high quality taste with no seeds. I understand that stems, leaves and even seeds are all natural; it’s a plant; it’s sometimes unavoidable, but if I’m to pay premium prices; I expect a premium product. I have had quite a few strains by Verano and Curio that had a bunch of small white seeds in them; it was dry; or had an off or nasty taste. I didn’t like that too much; especially for $55-$60 an 1/8! I’ve also had strains from Verano and Curio that were out of this world amazing! So it really depends a lot on what’s going on at the grow location and how the plants are being cared for.

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