Cannabis Reviews – Chem 4 OG x The White

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Best Sativa Strain by Grow West of MD

Review of Chem 4 OG x TW by Grow West of Maryland

One of my favorite medical cannabis brands has become Grow West of Maryland! I shop primarily at Ritual dispensary in Curtis Bay, where an 1/8th by Grow West is only $45! It’s usually labeled as “untrimmed” but I’ve never had to pluck off any more than 3 leaves or so; if that…usually it all grinds up perfectly fine! Last week, Ritual had a 1/2 ounce of Grow West on sale for $135! I took advantage of the sale and got one of the absolute best Sativa strains I’ve ever had by Grow West!

Grow West has some of the skunkiest, most tri-comb covered buds I’ve ever seen and Chem 4 OG x TW was no exception!!! These beautiful buds are covered in orange hairs and patches of dense white fuzzy tri-combs. It grinds up nicely and when packed into a cone or joint burns slow and evenly.

If you’re a fan of flower that has that lemony, pine-sol kind of taste, then you’ll love this strain! It’s dominant terpenes are: limonene at .70% caryophyllene at .37%, myrcene at .27% and pinene at .22%. This Sativa dominant hybrid is excellent for treating anxiety and depression without knocking you out and giving you couch-lock or keeping you up all night!

At 25.11% THCa, this flower is pretty potent, but is ok for daytime or nighttime use. It has .22% total pinene and .70% limonene; which helps promote an elevated mood and adds a nice freshness to its taste and smell. After a few hits of this bud, you’ll feel totally relaxed, worry free and ready to get on with any task!

I would rate this flower by Grow West a 10/10! It has a great, balanced high that lasts for at least 3 hours; at only $45 an eighth, the price is right; it’s been wonderfully grown/cured and the terpenes give this flower a super fresh taste and aroma. If you’re looking for a great, potent Sativa for treating anxiety and or depression; look no further than Chem 4 OG x TW by Grow West of Maryland!

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