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See the Northern Lights; in Maryland!

Review of Northern Lights by Curio Wellness

Northern Lights photo by Adam Merkle

As one of the most well-known classic Indica strains available; Northern Lights is a perfect strain getting rid of pain, stress, and a lack of appetite. I’ve had many different batches of Northern Lights over the years, but Curio Wellness definitely did it right with their latest batch!

Typically, when it comes to THCa; Northern Lights tests on the lower side. This particular batch was testing at 18.2%, and I’ve had batches that were as low as 14% in the past.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the lab results say; Northern Lights is always a mellow-Indica that will leave you hungry, happy, and relaxed! It’s unique terpene profile offers a very smooth and light taste, while providing potent and relaxing effects.

Terpene Profile

Myrcene (.27%), and Pinene (alpha .19% and beta .06%) are the most dominant terpenes found in Northern Lights. This lays the foundation for a sweet-woodsy flavor and a relaxing, yet euphoric effect.

Ocimene; testing at .18%, is almost tied with Limonene (.17%). The Ocimene adds to the woodsy taste, while the Limonene adds a very nice fresh-lemon hint.


I’ve tried a lot of different Indica strains. Northern Lights has to be one of the best I’ve found for relaxation and appetite stimulation. Almost immediately after smoking a .5 gram cone of this strain, I was totally free of anxiety, pain and very hungry! It has a very mellow taste and its psychoactive effects are not too overpowering. I’ll give Northern Lights a 8/10 for flavor and a 9/10 for medicinal effects.

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