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A Sugary-Sweet Indica Treat!

Review of Ice Cream Cake by Evermore Cannabis

It was the fourth of July; I had to treat myself to some Ice Cream Cake. When I saw that Oceanside dispensary had this legendary strain by Evermore Cannabis for only $50 (3.5g); I was on it!

In the past, I’d tried some other strains (in flower form) by Evermore, but wasn’t quite impressed enough to write about them; although I love their concentrates. Ice Cream Cake was a whole different story. The moment I saw the flower through the packaging; I knew that what I had was special.

These buds actually look like they have been frosted with a deep bluish-purple cake frosting! A glimmering layer of trichomes covers these dense flowers from top to bottom. The aroma is pungent, yet somewhat sweet; almost like vanilla-lemon cake meets earl gray tea and its bergamot under-tones.

Terpene Profile

Testing at 2.51% total terpenes; and 22.1% THCa – This is one serious strain.

Dominant in Limonene (.73%) and b-Caryophyllene (.58%); Ice Cream Cake is a strain guaranteed to elevate your mood and relieve your anxiety. It also gives this flower a very fresh citrus-clove aroma (bergamot).

Alpha and beta-Pinene (combined), account for .47% of the terpenes; adding to the uplifted and euphoric effects you might feel from this strain. This amount of Pinene doesn’t go un-noticed in the taste department either. It has a piney-peppery flavor upon exhalation, and will leave a tingle in the back of the throat.

Linalool (.38%) and Humulene (.23%) add a very nice floral-hoppy flavor to Ice Cream Cake. These more sedating terpenes also balance out the more uplifting or “Sativa” like effects of the Pinene.

Myrcene is actually one of the less prominent terpenes found in this strain; testing at only .07%. The other less prominent terpenes found in Ice Cream Cake are Ocimene (.06%), and Terpinolene (.01%).

A Closer Look at Ice Cream Cake


Overall, I would give Ice Cream Cake by Evermore Cannabis 10/10 for flavor and a 8/10 for medicinal effects. The taste was amazing; however, I prefer my Indica strains to be more dominant in Myrcene for a more sedating effect.

I was also able to try the ‘Live Resin Cake Badder Concentrate’ version of Ice Cream Cake by Evermore. It was just as amazing; just more, um, concentrated. It did however have a much higher Linalool concentration than the flower version of it had – just making it more sedating. Nicely done Evermore!

Stay Medicated My Friends!

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