Product Review – MasonBrite Stash Jars


The Ultimate Stash Jar That Every Cannabis Connoisseur Must Have!

Review of the LED 3X-5X Magnifying Stash Jar by MasonBrite

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The first time I saw an advertisement for the MasonBrite stash jar, I knew it would be perfect for my strain reviews, and to help me get a closer look at my cannabis.

I received the kit within a week of ordering it and I was very impressed – not only with the sleek packaging but the overall quality as well. It is well worth the $45 I paid for it, and, as it turns out, it’s also very versatile.

The Most Versatile Stash Jar You’ll Ever Own!

I ended up ordering three of these jars; and not just for inspecting and displaying different strains of cannabis. The kit includes a 3x magnifying-LED lid with a 5x bifocal lens, a type-c charger, a cleaning cloth, and an 8-ounce glass mason jar.

I bought one for my wife -She uses the lid to read books with, the jar to keep jewelry in, the charger for her phone, and the cloth to clean her glasses with.

Versatile; Can Help You Read Fine Print

My 7-year-old daughter had to have one when she saw my wife and me with ours – so I got one for her too. She has used it almost every day for collecting and inspecting all sorts of bugs and leaves that she finds outside.

A Stash Jar for Everyone!

Whether you’re a cannabis-connoisseur, a dispensary or smoke-shop owner, or just someone who likes having a cool conversation starter to magnify and light things up – the MasonBrite is an absolute must-have!

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  • MasonBrite-Stash-Jars
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Not Just Stash Jars! There’s More!

MasonBrite also carries a wide variety of innovative accessories for cannabis growers and consumers alike. Check out some of these other great gadgets while you’re shopping! Use my link below to get 5% OFF your entire shopping cart!

Let’s Enjoy Cannabis and Stay Medicated My Friends!

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