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The Ultimate Stash Jar That Every Cannabis Connoisseur Must Have!

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The first time I saw an advertisement for the MasonBrite stash jar, I knew it would be perfect for my strain reviews, and to help me get a closer look at my cannabis.

I received the kit within a week of ordering it and I was very impressed – not only with the sleek packaging but the overall quality as well. It is well worth the $45 I paid for it, and, as it turns out, it’s also very versatile.

The Most Versatile Stash Jar You’ll Ever Own!

I ended up ordering three of these jars; and not just for inspecting and displaying different strains of cannabis. The kit includes a 3x magnifying-LED lid with a 5x bifocal lens, a type-c charger, a cleaning cloth, and an 8-ounce glass mason jar.

I bought one for my wife -She uses the lid to read books with, the jar to keep jewelry in, the charger for her phone, and the cloth to clean her glasses with.

Can Help You Read Fine Print

A Stash Jar for Everyone!

Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur, a dispensary or smoke-shop owner, or just someone who likes having a cool conversation starter to magnify and light things up – the MasonBrite is an absolute must-have!

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Not Just Stash Jars! There’s More!

MasonBrite also carries a wide variety of innovative accessories for cannabis growers and consumers alike. Check out some of these other great gadgets while you’re shopping! Use my link below to get 5% OFF your entire shopping cart!

Let’s Enjoy Cannabis and Stay Medicated My Friends!

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