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A Tropical Fruity Indica Delight

Review of Papayas and Bananas by Strane-Holistic Industries

The cultivar’s name says it all with this one. Papayas & Bananas is an Indica cannabis strain cultivated by Strane and Holistic Industries. I was blown away when I opened the container and it actually smelled like fresh papayas and bananas.

I was especially amazed by one bud, in particular, that was so big that it almost didn’t fit in the container. Not only were these buds big, but also very aromatic; within a minute of opening the container, the whole room smelled like one funky banana!

Testing at 22.4% THCa, and 1.83% total terpenes, Papayas & Bananas is a heavy-hitting Indica cultivar that will leave you happy and relaxed.

Terpene Profile

The heavy fruity aroma and taste of this flower come from its most dominant terpene; Limonene, testing at .65%. This helps tremendously with anxiety and depression.

Myrcene is the second most dominant terpene; testing at .55%. This adds a funky-earthy aroma as well as a nice relaxing-sedating effect.

The third most dominant terpene in Papayas & Bananas is b-Caryophyllene; testing at .14%. This only adds to the anti-anxiety properties of the Limonene and adds a slight peppery or clove-like taste.

Other less prominent terpenes found in Papayas & Bananas are: Pinene (.12%), b-Eudesmol (.08%), Linalool (.06%), Humulene (.05%), and Terpinolene (.01%).

Slide Show of Papayas & Bananas


This is one amazing cultivar – from its aroma to its effects. It was well worth the $55 (3.5 grams) I paid for it at Ritual dispensary.

Strane definitely took a lot of pride in cultivating this wonderful Indica. I’ll give it a 10/10 for both taste and medicinal effect; well done Strane and Holistic Industries.

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