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photo by Adam Merkle

That’s One Fuzzy Banana Bud!

Review of ‘Banana Treez’ by Rythm/GTI of Maryland

I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the grocery store and look at bananas anymore without thinking about ‘Banana Treez’ by Rythm/GTI. I had first heard about GTI growing this strain in March 2021 and had been trying to find it ever since.

With origins of ‘Banana OG’ and ‘Lemon Burst’ – Banana Treez is a beautifully balanced Hybrid strain that is a glistening forest of trichome covered flower! When I saw that Gold Leaf of Annapolis had this strain not only available, but also on sale for $50 an 1/8oz – I was more than ready to climb some Banana Treez!

Terpene Profile

2.34% Total terpenes and 25.22% THCa. When I saw that; I knew Rythm/GTI had once again cultivated a masterpiece. Being Limonene dominant at .97%; Banana Treez has some very pleasant uplifting effects and some pretty incredible potential medicinal benefits. Limonene has some amazing properties; including being an anti bacterial and an anti fungal; it can also promote an elevated mood.

Myrcene is the second most dominant terpene; testing at .47%. Typically known as the ‘couch-lock’ terpene, Myrcene is a more ‘Indica’ type of terpene in regards to its effects. Banana Treez definitely won’t glue you to a couch, but this amount of Myrcene combined with Caryophyllene (.25%) help to level out the more uplifting terpenes found in the strain.

Alpha and Beta Pinene are (combined) the third most dominant terpene found in Banana Treez. Testing at .26% (alpha – .20%; beta – .16%); it helps act as a strong bronchodilator (helps open the airways). A fun fact; a main difference between alpha and beta Pinene is that alpha Pinene is slightly water soluble whereas beta Pinene is not.

Slide Show of ‘Banana Treez’

  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle


This is definitely an uplifting strain yet mellow strain. It’s aroma reminds me of my Grandmothers’ freshly baked banana bread and it has a very unique, mellow-pine flavor with undertones of fruity-earthy dankness. As you can see in the pictures, it is absolutely covered in trichomes and is abundant with kief. After smoking a .5 gram cone of Banana Treez, I felt relaxed, anxiety free and more than ready to write this review! I give this strain a 8/10 for taste and a 10/10 for medicinal benefits. Well done once again to Rythm/GTI of Maryland!

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