Cannabis Review – London Pound Cake 75

photo by Adam Merkle

Cannabis So Striking – Even The Queen Would Approve!

Review of ‘London Pound Cake 75’ by Cookies

The second I saw that Gold Leaf of Annapolis had something to offer by Cookies brand; I couldn’t put my online order in fast enough! It was the strain ‘London Pound Cake 75’ (LpC75) and it was limited to one (1/8oz.) per patient. The minute I saw the package (not to mention what was inside); I knew that it was well worth the $65 I paid for it!

My initial reaction to the packaging was “I wonder if they had to get the Queens’ permission to use her image on this?” (Yes; I was already medicated). Then I opened it and all I could think was “I haven’t seen flower like this since high school!” Beautiful, dense buds; full of vibrant green colors; patches of deep purple-almost black; bright orange stigmas (hairs); this flower had it all!

This particular batch of LpC75 was testing at 19.90% THCa. This is on the lower spectrum of potency that I usually prefer but with it having 1.73% terpenes (Myrcene dominant); it was right up my alley; plus 1990 was a great year!

Terpene Profile

This strain has what I like to call my “Holy-Trinity” of terpenes. In other words; the three terpenes that work the best for me. Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Limonene are the three most dominant terpenes in LpC75 and this is by far my favorite terpene combination as it works wonders on my anxiety, pain and depression.

With Myrcene testing at .49%, Caryophyllene at .39% and Limonene at .31%; some would say that this would be a Indica leaning strain at first glance. When you account for the other minor terpenes: Linalool (.16%), Humulene (.12%), Pinene (.08%); I would say it’s a very balanced strain in both effects and taste.

I couldn’t believe my taste buds when I first lit up a .5 gram cone of LpC75! It was a lemony-earthy-fruity wonderland. It actually tasted like my moms lemon pound cake I remember devouring in the 90’s; this strain really took me back to school! It even had a slight minty undertone to it; probably from the combination of Limonene, alpha and beta Pinene, and Humulene.

Slide Show of London Pound Cake 75

  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle


Hands down; this is some of the finest cannabis flower I’ve seen in Maryland. It’s effects were blissful; not too sedative and not too euphoric or Sativa leaning… It was just right! I would recommend it for any time of day; whether you prefer Indica or Sativa; you will love this flower! 10/10 across the board! Well done Cookies!

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