Cannabis Review – Rapper’s Delight

photo by Adam Merkle

When God Gives You Lemons, You Don’t Always Get A Sativa.

Review of Rapper’s Delight by Cookies/Lemonnade

So, after I recently tried London Pound Cake 75′ by Cookies I wanted to try something from their sister company; Lemonnade. They are said to be the ‘Sativa Sister’ of Cookies brand Cannabis of California.

Just as with the London Pound Cake 75 – Rapper’s Delight did not disappoint! Don’t buy this strain expecting a strong Sativa though, as I would actually consider this a more Indica-leaning Hybrid strain.

The buds were a lighter shade of green, with amazingly bright orange pistils (hairs). It was obvious that these were ‘Cali-Buds’. When I opened the bright yellow package expecting a burst of lemony citrus – I was met with a deep funky-earthy-mango aroma.

Terpene Profile

At first glance, I thought the dominant terpene might be Limonene. Nope; It’s actually Myrcene; testing at .41%. This explains where some of that funky-mango smell comes from; when smoked; it tasted like a sour grapefruit.

That woodsy-earthy aroma is amplified even more with the second terpene; Caryophyllene; which is also found in pepper and cloves. The Caryophyllene is testing way lower than the Myrcene; testing at .19%.

Add in some Linalool at .15% and you’ve got one seriously sedative and relaxing strain! The Linalool adds a very nice floral undertone in the taste; as it is also found in lavender and many other flowers.

Ah. . . Finally – Some Limonene! Testing at only .15%, it does add a nice citrusy hint to Rapper’s Delight. Any uplifting or Sativa effects from the Limonene are null-and-void because of the sedative and anti-anxiety effects of the first three terpenes.

Slide Show of Rapper’s Delight

  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle
  • photo by Adam Merkle


After smoking a .5 gram cone of Rapper’s Delight, I actually fell asleep. No joke; the couch-locking effects of the Myrcene are strong with this one; especially with the Linalool and Caryophyllene. This particular batch was beautiful, but a little on the dry side. At 18.52% THCa, it’s not the strongest flower out there, but those terpenes work wonders!

This is an amazing strain if you’re suffering from insomnia or you’re just stressed out. It tastes like you’re taking a bite out of a funky-sour grapefruit; with a slight floral-peppery bite in the back of the throat on the exhale.

I’ll give Rapper’s Delight a 9/10 for medicinal effect and an 8/10 for taste. The regular price is $65 (3.5g), but I’m glad I had $30 in rewards points to use at Ritual dispensary.

Thanks for helping me sleep Delightfully! Well done Lemonnade – just maybe label this one an Indica leaning Hybrid.

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