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Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead’s Legacy Now Features a Cannabis Brand!

Review of Garcia Hand Picked Flower – Maryland Cannabis Strains

When I read an article on Leafly in April 2021 that said Jerry Garcia’s family had partnered with Holistic Industries to produce cannabis; I was floored with excitement! I was never a huge dead-head, but I’m a fan of good music and good vibes -Two things that The Grateful Dead is full of!

The packaging alone will send you back to the psychedelic sixties – with tye-dye swirls, karmically gentle quotes, and music notes. One look at the boxes that these jars of flower come in, and you’ll know this is worth the premium price of $60 for 3.5 grams.

Only available in California, Massachusetts, and Maryland; Garcia’s Hand Picked can be a little hard to find. Especially in Maryland; having only one Indica, one Hybrid, and one Sativa strain available. In order to find all three, I had to visit two different dispensaries; Ritual in Curtis Bay and Gold Leaf in Annapolis.

Once I got my hands on them, I knew right away that I had found something special. Here, I’m going to go through a quick review of the three different strains that Garcia has available in Maryland. Here we go!

Hi-Fi – Hybrid Strain

Being a musician myself, I decided to try the Hybrid strain called Hi-Fi first. It’s a very balanced strain that’s dominant in Myrcene (.41%), followed by Limonene (.27%), Caryophyllene (.18%), and Linalool (.17%).

Hi-Fi has a very mellow fresh-floral-earthy taste and aroma, with a well-balanced feeling that’s not too sedating, but not too euphoric either. At 20.74% THCa and 1.39% total terpenes; it’s a premium product that is suitable for any time of day use.

Florida Kush – Indica Strain

When I saw that Florida Kush was testing at 32.74% THCa; I knew it would be strong. When I saw it had 4.14% terpenes; I thought it was a misprint -until I opened the jar and I was almost knocked out by the aroma alone. This stuff is ‘loud’!

With a whopping 1.39% Limonene and .98% Myrcene, Florida Kush is a heavy Indica that will glue you to the couch if you’re not careful. A nice balanced blend of Linalool (.39%) and Terpinolene (.59%), adds a pleasant fruity-floral-pine taste to the already fresh lemon-earthy taste.

The strong relaxing effects of this heavy Indica set in about 15 minutes after smoking. I must say; next to Black Afghan, this is one of the best Indica strains I’ve ever had. It actually tasted a lot like Black Afghan; only with Limonene.

Caps Frozen Lemons – Sativa Strain

These flowers actually look like frost-covered lemons; not to mention taste like it! With high amounts of Terpinolene (.69%); this potent strain will keep you uplifted for hours. It has an amazingly fresh fruity-lemon-pine kind of taste to it and its buds are absolutely covered in trichomes.

I’m usually not big on Sativa strains, but this is one; I’d take any day! Testing at 24.15% THCa and 2.57% total terpenes, it has very uplifting and euphoric effects that will keep the creative juices flowing for hours without making you feel jittery.


All in all, I was more than impressed with what Holistic Industries and the Garcia family have done. It is very obvious that these plants were cared for like none other and cultivated with a level of knowledge and passion that is extraordinarily high.

One of my favorite aspects is that the Garcia family made different playlists of Jerry Garcia’s music to match up with whatever type of strain you’re smoking. You can check out ‘The Music Never Stops’ playlists here; it definitely provides a nice enhancement to the whole experience.

I give all three strains a 10/10 – across the board. Everything from the packaging to the effects was truly an experience to be had! Whether you’re a Grateful Dead fan or not – If you enjoy cannabis like I do, you will love Garcia Hand-Picked flower!


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