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Glued to the Dock of the Bay

Review of ‘Bay Glue’ by Rythm/GTI

This is one strain that took me by surprise! When I heard that Oceanside dispensary had this in stock, I had to get my hands on it. Like most premium flower cultivated by Rythm, 3.5 grams of Bay Glue will set you back around $60, but it’s well worth it.

As soon as I cracked the seal and opened the jar, the buds looked amazing and it definitely had a good smell – like fresh lemongrass covered in pepper.

With its parent plants being ‘Chem Sis’ and ‘Sour Dub’ -Bay Glue is considered a Hybrid strain, but it is of my opinion that it is more Indica leaning (based on the terpene profile and effects I felt).

At 1.82%, Bay Glue is not the highest testing strain in regard to total terpenes. The terpenes that are present, however definitely work very nice with the 27.60% THCa.

Bay Glue Terpene Profile

With Myrcene and Limonene being almost tied at .54%(Myrcene) and .55%(Limonene), Bay Glue has strong anti-anxiety and some sedative properties. These effects definitely set in for me after smoking a .5 gram cone of it – I was glued to my chair!

Limonene is known to have uplifting, euphoric, and anti-anxiety effects. For some people, Limonene helps tremendously with anxiety and in return may make them a bit drowsy. With that being said, the jury is still out on whether high amounts of Limonene make a strain more Sativa or Indica leaning. It all depends on the consumer.

Caryophyllene is the third most dominant terpene, testing at .42%. This only adds to the anti-anxiety and potentially sedating properties of the Myrcene and Limonene. It also adds a slight peppery-spicy flavor to Bay Glue.

Some other terpenes found in this batch of Bay Glue are Humulene (.13%), Pinene (.12%), and Linalool (.06%). These lower-testing terpenes don’t seem to have much of an effect on this strain other than some minor effects on the taste. For more information on terpenes and thier benefits, click here!

Slide Show of Bay Glue


All in all, I enjoyed Bay Glue. It helped me quite a bit in controlling my anxiety and helped me sleep very well. It’s important to note that if you’re use to Rythm flower and it normally testing at over 2% terpenes – this strain is on the lower side.

The THCa being over 27% really helped bring this strain to life – not the terpenes. I’d give Bay Glue by Rythm a 6/10 for flavor and 8/10 for medicinal effects. There are other strains by Rythm that I’ve enjoyed much more than Bay Glue, but it was still pretty decent.

Have you tried this strain? Let me know your thoughts!

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