Cannabis Saves


The Healing Powers of Cannabis

Back in 2010, I dislocated my shoulder by falling out of the bed of a truck that I was waxing. I thought my arm was broken! It was the absolute WORST pain I’d ever felt! As my wife helped me stand up, my shoulder slid back into place. I went to the hospital to get checked out; they said to keep it in a sling for a week, gave me some narcotic pain medicine, and said to follow up with an orthopedic doctor asap.

To sum up a very long story; between 2010-2018 I had a total of 22 shoulder dislocations, 2 surgeries, and an unhealthy dependence on opiate painkillers. At one point, I was prescribed to take 15mg of oxycodone 5-7 times a day; but I always ran short. Whenever I ran short, I would prevent myself from going through withdrawal by buying opiates of any kind off the streets. I was spiraling out of control; the pills weren’t even controlling my pain anymore…they were controlling ME.

Enough was Enough!

I had been kicked out of pain management because they had me take a random urine test and found alcohol and other opiates that I wasn’t prescribed in my system. I was tired of buying suboxone or whatever I could get off the street, I was just tired; my body and mind were done; I felt broken. I had a wife and a daughter that I was about to lose because of the pills and booze.

I Made the Decision to Change!

I found a doctor that prescribed suboxone (nasty sublingual stuff that’s supposed to help someone get off of opiates). As it turned out, this doctor also wrote medical cannabis certifications. So after about 4 months of being prescribed suboxone and doing an insane amount of research into cannabis and its medicinal properties; I told the doctor that I was ready to get off the suboxone as well as the Xanax that I’d been prescribed for years to treat my anxiety and switch to medical cannabis. The doctor guided me through the (already easy) registration process with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Coalition and once I was registered, she certified me.

A Whole New World!

I was immediately able to go to a dispensary and purchase my new medicine! I was excited but pretty overwhelmed the first few times going into a dispensary; it’s very much comparable to going to eat at a diner with a huge menu for the first time and the server is just standing there; waiting for your order. This can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for someone with crippling anxiety like myself. There are a lot of options -There is flower, concentrates, vapes, edibles and so much more. Plus… the wonderful world of terpenes.

At first, I was like: “What the hell is a terpene?” and “Edibles never worked on me!” but I’m a very inquisitive person that loves to learn, so I went on a journey of discovery that changed my life! I always thought I knew a fair amount about cannabis – Then I really started learning the science behind it.

I can now look at a lab result label on anything in a dispensary and tell you what effects it may potentially have, what it might taste like, whether it’s an Indica or Sativa – Just based on the terpene profile. I’ve also discovered that the reason edibles never worked on me is that I needed to increase my omega-3 intake in my diet to boost my CB1 and CB2 Receptors and always eat something fatty an hour before the edibles – What a HUGE difference!

Finally – A True Difference!

After about 4 months, I was able to really explore all of the different options from brands to the route of administration (smoking, eating, vaping, etc.). Through some trial and error, I had it down to a science! For the 1st time in a VERY long time, my anxiety was under control, I was happier than I had ever been in life, I was pain-free, I wasn’t on any opiates and I wasn’t drinking AT ALL! This was HUGE for me! I was finally able to self-reflect and find an inner peace that I didn’t think was possible. A year after starting medical cannabis, I was even able to quit smoking cigarettes after 20 years.

I am living proof that people can change if they really want to – but I am also living proof that cannabis has incredible medicinal properties. It has been utilized and historically documented as medicine by cultures and civilizations around the world for thousands of years! We can learn so much from this healing plant and this plant can help us learn about ourselves!

My goal is to help others see the truth about cannabis – so they can enjoy it as I do! Using cannabis helped me heal my mind and body, but growing cannabis helped me heal my soul!

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