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The Story Behind Let’s Enjoy Cannabis

Hey there! My name is Adam a.k.a. Tasty Terpenes – and I’ve been a cannabis user since Y2K (the year 2000), but it wasn’t until 2018 that it actually helped me change my life, and probably saved it.

I know I know… there are skeptics out there that will say: “Yeah right… Smoke another Dude.” – But Seriously, read my story and you’ll probably agree that cannabis helped save my life.

In 2018, I quit drinking alcohol after 20 years – In early 2019, I was able to completely stop taking ALL pharmaceutical prescription drugs for anxiety, depression, sleep, and pain – In 2020, I quit smoking cigarettes after 20 years. How?

I became a certified medical cannabis patient and I started using cannabis daily and treated it like a medication. I didn’t use it to ‘get high’. I used it to start actually healing -mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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The Early Daze & The High Life

When I was 16, I took graphic art and desktop publishing courses through Vo-Tech (vocational-technical education program) in high school. I was a top student in my class; to a point that I was helping my teacher with her day job; using programs like Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Illustrator 8.0, and PageMaker 6.5 to create business marketing layouts. The rest of school was a bore to me, so I dropped out of high school, got my GED, and maintained my skills with graphic arts and desktop publishing to an extent that I was able to start a career in no time.

At age 16, I had a dream job – I was working for my Godfather, who owned a very elite talent agency in Annapolis, MD. At that time, in the 2000s, we helped in representing a few big-named celebrities’ kids for Baby Phat children’s clothing line when it was first introduced. We flew first class to South Beach, Florida quite a few times for fashion shows where I got to mix and mingle with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

I was doing headshots, print layouts, editing resumes, writing contracts (with legal assistance), ticket layouts for shows, dealing with client needs and so much more – I was loving it! I was getting paid great money for doing something I loved – I could “Utilize my computer skills in combination with my intuitive eye for detail and my wonderfully creative vocabulary to blend myself into any role or position with ease.” (An objective from one of my early resumes). Life was good, but then one day…

A Harsh Hit

Unfortunately, tragedy struck and my godfather (Richard P. Shaw) died unexpectedly. In July 2006, I found him shot to death as I walked into work. Even though there were plenty of possible suspects, no one was ever brought to justice for this heinous crime. It was something that affected me deeply for a very long time (it’s still an active cold case file #06-730312).

Richard was very close to my family and was very much like a father to me. I mourned his passing – deeply. Creativity was the furthest thing from my mind after he was killed. I turned to alcohol to escape depression, but that made it worse. I went through years of therapy, counseling, doctors, self-help, etc. A lot of that did actually help, but the antidepressants and the medications they prescribed me didn’t help and made everything a lot worse – especially mixed with the heavy and steady drinking. I’m very lucky to be alive. At one point, someone told me that physical work would help me feel better, so I just about dropped my computer skills, picked up some tools and a lot of knowledge about water treatment and plumbing.

Work Hard – Play Harder

Between the ages of 20-33 years old, I did a lot of manual labor. In 2004, I got a paid apprenticeship with a small company – installing, servicing, and selling residential water treatment systems. I was able to work this job part-time while still working for my Godfather before he passed away. I’ve always been a work-a-holic and loved working with my hands.

Just as with graphic arts, I took to plumbing and water treatment very quickly, and within two years I was doing installs and service calls on my own. Within six years I had become an expert in residential water treatment and well pumps in Anne Arundel County Maryland.

I enjoyed helping people and providing them with a basic essential need – usable drinkable water. I got sent to the service calls that nobody else could figure out. I took the emergency calls nobody else wanted to take. I was really good at what I did! In my years as a service technician, I sold an average of $250,000 worth of new equipment installs each year to new and existing customers.

Over the years, I developed an incredibly keen understanding of reading people in sales situations. That, combined with my plumbing skills, and I should’ve been set…right? Nope. After 22 shoulder dislocations, 2 surgeries, a bad oxycodone dependence, plus a revoked driver’s license from DUIs – I couldn’t do it anymore. I still had a wife and child to provide for so I did what any other plumber with no driver’s license does: I started waiting tables – It makes sense because I also went to culinary school for 2 years but servers make more money than most chefs.

Pass It To The Left & It Will Come Back Around – Full Circle

When I say Covid-19, we all know what happened to restaurant servers in March of 2020 right? Well, I had been waiting tables at the same diner for almost two years when everything on earth shut down. I had been doing ok for myself but I didn’t realize how much cannabis was about to change my life until things had been shut down for 6 months (September 2020). At that point, I really started to sit back and reflect (even more). Then I realized – THE AHH-HAA MOMENT – A light bulb went off in my brain as I was watching videos on everything from how to make money from home and how to start a blog to how to learn to code.

I realized that my life had come around full circle – after almost 20 years – I came right back around to having that creative spark that I used to have – and because Covid-19 shut the world down, I was able to really see what’s important to me in life. Family, Reflection, and Karma. My main focus became my family, learning, and trying to help other people in any way I can.

I adapted very quickly to this post-pandemic world – where working from home and being with family is the new normal for some and where remote online business services are valued.

I followed my passion – I started compiling years of research and knowledge about cannabis to help the industry grow and end the stigmas that still surround it. With the first-hand experience that I have – who better to learn from?

The New Normal Is Whatever We Make It

Let’s say you make your new normal a healthier version of yourself – Just by cutting out bad habits or changing certain things about your life. You could write a blog about your journey, and how you overcame your struggles. I can almost promise you that many other people are dealing with the same struggles. Just by writing about how you were able to succeed and grow – you could motivate and inspire others in ways you never imagined possible.

The first time someone told me that my story inspired them to make positive changes in their life – it truly moved me and it was a feeling that I’ll never forget. Sometimes, I think about all of the people that read my story – and I wonder how my words might inspire them. If you feel inspired to follow your dreams – take that chance! You never know what could happen until you try!

When Covid-19 threw us all an uppercut, I lost my job. With the help of cannabis, I stayed sober and I quickly adapted and reconnected with my old passion of desktop publishing and marketing. I began to immerse myself into the world of web development and design and started developing a resume, a portfolio, a cannabis strain tracking journal, and I just started writing about what I love.

Most of all – I started to learn and retain an insane amount of information! In fact, I became addicted to learning – and cannabis played a huge role in that! I really feel that Cannabis is the key that Helped Me Change My Life – link to the next part of my story.

In Closing. . .

One of the Most Important Parts of Learning is Sharing Your Knowledge

I like to share my story and help inspire others to do great things in their lives. My goal is to help educate others about the wonders of cannabis and the healing it is truly capable of.

I developed Let’s Enjoy Cannabis in order to help educate the people who want to work in the industry that helped save my life. It’s all about giving back.

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