Let’s Enjoy Growing Cannabis

“Using cannabis helped me heal my mind and body, but when I started growing cannabis, it helped heal my soul. It’s one of the most theraputic hobbies I’ve ever picked up and I want to share my experience with everyone that wants to learn!”

Tasty Terpenes

*You should ALWAYS check and obey your local laws in regard to cannabis cultivation!*

People Have Used Cannabis For Ages

For over 10,000 years, humans on this planet have cultivated the cannabis plant for everything from making paper and rope – to harnessing its many medicinal properties. It wasn’t only until recently that it was demonized and made illegal in the United States and other countries.

Now, with the age of information, a new renaissance has begun – and the knowledge of our great ancestors is coming to light. The majority of people are now very aware that cannabis has healing properties and that it was made illegal mainly because of racist views.

Even as I write this – the United States Senate is introducing a bill that would take cannabis completely off the controlled substances list in an attempt to right the wrongs of the past. More and more states and countries are opening their eyes and legalizing cannabis – because the more places that it’s legal, the better things seem to get – with fewer opiate overdoses, less dependence on prescription drugs, and just all-around happier people.

It’s Easier Than Ever To Grow Your Own Cannabis!

Things have come such a long way! The more places that legalize cannabis, the more there are companies popping up that sell indoor and outdoor growing equipment tailored to cannabis cultivation. You could spend just a couple hundred dollars and have a decent enough setup to grow some amazing cannabis! Of course, you could spend A LOT more than that if your budget allows, but if you’re just starting out – you just need some basic items.

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