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Over 10 Years of Water Treatment Experience

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W.T.C. Consulting

Water Treatment for Cannabis – Consulting

Maryland has some of the worst quality well-water in the nation. This can cause numerous issues when it comes to cultivating cannabis. Click here to read an article we wrote about common well-water problems and cannabis cultivation.

With our WTC service, we ensure that your water treatment systems are performing at 100% -All the time. We can also help you in designing and/or selecting the best and most efficient water treatment system; based on your specific needs. After a consultation, we can then pair you with a master installer/plumber that we hand pick just for you (based on 12 years in the water industry). With us, you’ll know exactly what’s in your water and how to easily control the quality of it!

To Grow Great Cannabis – You Need Good Water.

photos by Adam Merkle
Over 10 Years of Water Treatment Experience
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