Edibles are Changing in Maryland

New MMCC Laws and Regulations on Cannabis Edibles in Maryland

In light of the unfortunate instances involving children accidentally being exposed to cannabis edibles; the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has passed some recent regulations on many aspects of edibles in Maryland.

After July 19, 2021, Maryland dispensaries will no longer be allowed to dispense edibles that contain more than 10mg of active THC in each serving dosage, and no more than 100mg total per package.

Photo by Adam Merkle

In addition to potency limits, the MMCC has also stated that edible cannabis products may not contain meat, seafood, unpasteurized eggs, or unpasteurized dairy products, or byproducts of any type.

The appearance of edibles is changing as well. They may only be manufactured in geometric shapes. Overall; this means they cannot be any shape, design, or flavor that would likely appeal to minors. The MMCC even went as far as to specify; no ‘bear’ or ‘fruit’ shapes.

Photo by Adam Merkle

Not only are the edibles themselves under more regulations now, but so is their packaging. Some of the new regulations by the MMCC say that packaging can not and should not resemble any commercially available food or beverage that might target, entice, or is otherwise marketed to minors. In other words; don’t expect to see any Skittles or other brand ‘look-a-likes’ in Maryland dispensaries.

Your cannabis edibles may look a little different in Maryland after the new 2021 regulations take effect. The MMCC says that all solid edible cannabis products must now be physically separated into single servings and that servings may not be merely demarcated or delineated, while multiple other servings remain intact. Think of this as breaking a piece off of a candy bar, but more ‘bars’ or pieces remain.

The MMCC is constantly creating new regulations and guidelines for the Maryland cannabis industry. It’s important to keep up with news and updated regulations. To read more about new regulations from the MMCC for 2021, and a complete list of Maryland cannabis laws, click here.

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